About us

Ragivou Group PTE Limited

The “RGL” is a private company (formed and registered on the 9th day of May 2019), its Founding Director & Board Chairman is the Na MOMOLEVU na TUI NADI Ratu Vuniyani Navuniuci

  • Founding Director, Shareholder & Board Chairman
  • Na MOMOLEVU na Tui Nadi (Paramount Chief)
  • Ratu Vunuyani Navuniuci
  • Board of Directors & Shareholders
  • Mr. Fred Driver
  • Mr. Ameniasi Vakatunayau
  • Mr. Aisea Turuva
  • Mr. Tedy Toma
  • Mr. Waisea Tuinacau
  • Mr. Roger Morris
  • Secretary
  • Mr. Waisea Tuinacau
  • Email us
  • directors@ragivougroupptelimited.com
Are you an Investor?

We invite Investors to explore and learn about our exciting investment opportunity that we offer beyond being an exotic holiday destination with world class resorts and world-famous hospitality.